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Trimurty Infotech is the leading software development company in Jaipur. We offer top-rated software development services with our vast experience, skilled team members. We understand that every small or large business has a different software requirement and we take care of your needs with a great variety in our software development services. We provide you with venture software solutions that meet all your business needs. Our software development services provide you with data integration and reliable API to improve software service quality.

  • Retail Store/Shop software

    Our software make your billing easy & fast, for both small to large management, make the complete monitoring with control over stock, best deals from suppliers with smart purchasing features, and all discount and scheme in a single software.

  • Billing and Invoicing Software

    Our billing, accounting and invoicing system included all the advantages that a online business required. Our software directly connected to both your CRM and send information. Our invoicing software make easier the billing process.

  • School Management Software

    School management software is a set of tools that help you to run your institute smoothly. You can maintain your student, teachers or parents regarding attendance, progress report and further activities with in few seconds.

  • ERP Software

    Our enterprise resource planning software helps you to run your business smoothly by collecting and protecting your information, automation process and produce the better way to understand the trends.

  • CRM Software

    Our CRM software help you to manage the relationship with your old customers and find new leads & prospects. With this single software you can manage your campaign, customers segmentation and help in sales automation.

  • Real Estate Software

    This software reduce your administrative work and time also, including advantage of business run on a single software. Real estate software includes advantages like maintaining property record, collection of rent payment etc. smoothly.

  • Ecommerce software

    With the ecommerce software you can manage your business as your sales grows. At present 87% shoppers are online, make your business in one of them with this software and know the customers marketing strategy with new leads and prospects.

  • MLM Software

    Via MLM Software you can manage your customers records, and other information related to their business for startup, middle size company or an MNC. This is the cost effective, affordable, and easy to handle software.

  • Restaurant Management software

    Manage your orders, payments, billing and everything else with a single software. You can track your inventory in real time that increase your effectiveness and reduce the wastage in your restaurant.

  • Hotel Management software

    All-in-one & comprehensive hotel management system that will effectively automate your operations, perfectly serve your guests and gradually enhance your hotel business.

  • Auto Dealer Software

    Find the best auto dealers software for your business. These software can assist you with both front and back tasks and also provide tools to manage inventory. Cost calculation, financing and authorization for both auto and customers.

  • Fashion Design Software

    Make your fashion in 3D look with 3D design software. This software gives you realistic rendering of the clothes, you can test your fashion with different fabrics. You can also test your design for different cuts, looks, pattern & colors.

  • Gym Management Software

    With our gym management software you are able to manage gym to streamline signup dashboard and legal consideration. You can manage your billing automatic and have ability to create contracts and waivers digitally.

  • SMS Marketing Software

    Use our SMS marketing software and send marketing message via SMS in all the more important. Our software allow you to reach your potential clients and market your product through SMS marketing.

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