Best CCTV Camera brands India - CP Plus, Hikvision, Dahua...

In India, at present scenario CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is the need of the hour. Security aspects become the most important aspect to consider not in India but across the world. And this becomes easily available to the common people with many brand options with different features respect to size, price, looks, and quality. Availability of buying options creates better market space. CCTV which was the product for only big industries is now becoming the security equipment for all the segment of society in all respect to home security, office, companies, industries and even government to monitor the roads and their intersection. All public and private places should have the better surveillance system to overcome the manifold crimes.


There are many companies in India providing CCTV security camera solutions with their strong customized product catering all features. List of 10 most popular brands are

  • CP Plus
  • Hikvision
  • Dahua
  • Alba Urmet
  • Zebronics
  • TVT
  • ESSL
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Honeywell

In India, the three major brands capturing the biggest market share are CP Plus, Hikvision, and Dahua.

Specifications of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

CP Plus, Hikvision and Dahua are offering all security and surveillance solutions with similar lines of products respect to specifications. Thus there’s a major competition among these top three CCTV brands in India. And it’s very much difficult to choose the best among with features and specifications.Let’s discuss the features of CCTV for making the better comparison among the three major brands CP Plus, Hikvision and Dahua.


CP Plus holds no. 1 ranking in India for providing best security solutions. Certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013  Hikvision becomes no. 1 brand in world (2016 Asma Rankings Top Security 50)
Dahua holds 4th Position in worldwide rankings (2016 ASMA Top Security 50)


In terms of looks and appearance CP Plus camera are light weight with good appearance but the appearance of Hikvision camera are best while Dahua stay on orthodox looks.

Internal Design

The most important aspects or feature to look for is the durability and reliability which depends on external factors like weather conditions, cabling, heating etc. CP Plus IP camera and implements dual PCB board structure with compact clean layout whereas Hikvision IP Camera implements single PCB board structure with hollow layout with the use of rugged heavy camera while Dahua IP Camera implements single small PCB board structure but its internal space is large enough.

Heat Dissipation

IN CP Plus IP camera structure is complex, Heat of CPU cannot be dissipate out and with processor and image sensor on different boards secure sensor. Whereas, In Hikvision PCB board design is hollow and thus no chance of heat to affect sensor. While in Dahua the small design makes the heat dissipate and affect the sensor which shows on imaging.

Image Sensor

CP Plus image sensor compatible 1.2.7 inch, 1/2.8 inch and 1/3 inch on Semiconductor with good image quality. Hikvision operates on 1/3 inch ON semiconductor/Aptina AR0130 with best image quality while Dahua operates on 1/3 inch Omnivision OV9756 sensor with small image and also high in temperature.


CP Plus and Hikvision camera does not have many parts to assemble. And with many screws it can be easily disassembling. Whereas in Dahua also does not have many parts but it is not easily disassembling.

Frame Rate

Dahua having the highest available frame rate @ 3MP for upto 20 FPS while Hikvision is restricted to 15 FPS and CP Plus also limits to 15 FPS. But keep in mind that all are capable of “real time” at all resolutions.

Angle of View

In Terms of angle view both CP plus and Hikvision are results on nice 70 degree angle of view with 4mm lens whereas Dahua gets 72.5 degree with its 3.6mm lens. This 2.5 degree more benefits in seeing a little missing on all sides which could matter be the most.

Power Requirement

All of three brands CP Plus, Hikvision and Dahua IP Cameras can be powered on PoE switch or by 12V power supply with appropriate amperage and DC support.

Price Comparison

In terms of price Dahua are cheapest with model requirements whereas both CP Plus and Hikvision are nearly giving competition to each other in terms of their products and specifications.

Market Share of CCTV in India

cctv brands graphs comparison

Uses of CCTV Cameras

Industrial Purposes

CCTV uses in all industries to monitor the conditions of workplace on all possible situations.

Traffic Control

All big cities in India and world are facing heavy traffic. And with use of CCTV, a control system can manage the Traffic Jam and Accidents.

Public Transport

CCTV is helpful in monitoring the public transport system either on train and buses in all areas of passage.

Sports and Events

All events in the world either sports or any concert, there are CCTV installed to closely monitor the movements of public, fans and audience. CCTV is also installed in lounges, hallways and restrooms to view the attendees.

Staff Monitoring

CCTV installed in offices, companies or organizations to monitor the each and every action of staff and their work. In terms of packaging industries, money transactions, jewellery transactions and to get personal information.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

CCTV are widely installed or operates in all schools, colleges and universities to supervise the each and every activities in the premises either related to academic, official or crime incidents.

Crime Investigation

CCTV is very much helpful in crime investigation to take a view on all possible activities to the point of incident. This surveillance keeps the police up-to-date to the findings. These are installed in all crime prone areas

Home Security Solutions

In India, the crime rate is growing rapidly and people are thinking to protect and secure themselves by installing CCTV in their home also for better monitoring all situations in time of calamity both natural and man-made.

Personalised CCTV Camera

The latest innovations to this technology are the CCTV camera being worn by individual either on spying or for self-safety. This helps our policeman to better surveillance by installing on their chest or head.